Monday, August 3, 2020

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Scam Alert
Aug 17, 2018

Local Common Scam Alerts

Scam Alert

Be sure your elderly relatives or neighbors are aware of these imposter scams, reported by the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs, where deceptive calls, emails, or letters are sent to unsuspecting potential victims:

Grandparent Scam: “Grandpa, it’s me! I was drinking and got in an accident. Now I’m calling you from jail and need bail money. Please go to the Western Union office and send me $2,000 right away! And please don’t tell mom; she’ll be so disappointed!”

Friend-in-Trouble E-mail Scam: “This is your friend Tracy, e-mailing from London. John and I got mugged while traveling. We lost everything and need cash for a flight home! If you wire us the money as soon as possible, I promise we’ll pay you back.”

Foreign Investor Scam: “I am a high-ranking person in a foreign country, sending random e-mail to a total stranger. I must transfer funds to an American bank account. Please e-mail your account information to me, and together we will realize great profit!”

Bill Collector Scam: “I am calling on behalf of XYZ Payday Loan Company. You may not remember ever doing business with us, but you owe us $2,000 and are in default. If you don’t pay right away, we will take you to court and ruin your credit, and we may even refer this matter to the Attorney General for criminal prosecution.”

Recently, several township residents have also received letters mailed to their homes, stating that the sender “knows their secrets” and will expose this secret to their spouse unless a specified amount of money is paid. The method of payment is being requested through bitcoin. The sender mentions specific names and addresses in the letter. This is happening all over the country; please do not respond to these letters.

Each year, thousands of victims lose large sums of money or suffer identity theft due to impostor scams like these. If you or a loved one receives such a call or email, do not respond – and contact the police department.