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Apr 13, 2017

Local Author’s “For Love” Book Series Launches

After years of television shows and movies portraying New Jersey in less than desirable ways, Garden State native Cathy Padilla has written a contemporary romance novel, A Taste for Love, highlighting the beauty and grandeur of Monmouth County. Available for purchase April 18, the novel is set in the rolling hills of Holmdel and uses the tagline: New Jersey – Where Love Blooms and Gardens Grow. Written with the same point-of-view used by both Jane Austen and Nora Roberts, third-person omniscient, the author hopes to bring back the underused perspective while giving a nod to two prolific romance authors.

“I wanted to share a story that is both heartwarming and interesting, and I find the omniscient point-of-view creates more complex characters. I grew up loving Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and it felt natural for me to write from a similar viewpoint. It’s not popular today; in fact, most editors frown upon it and call it ‘head-hopping,’ but I have faith my readers will embrace the story and heroine. I appreciate my publisher, Clean Reads, allowing me this opportunity. It is a ‘clean’ romance, so readers can share it with their grandparents and teens the way my mother shared Austen with me,” Ms. Padilla explained.

She has lived in Monmouth County her entire life, except for the four years she spent at The College of New Jersey studying English and journalism. After being hired as the first editor of the TCNJ college magazine, she worked as the Director of Institutional Advancement at Monmouth University for nearly a decade, promoting the college. While a student at TCNJ, her linguistic professor encouraged her to write novels and it became a “someday” goal she says she is thrilled to have come to fruition.

Ms. Padilla founded an online organization called LookingforEats that donated all profits to children with cancer who live in New Jersey and to the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Money was raised through events with local celebrities such as Chef Lidia Bastianich and television personality Caroline Manzo. Deciding to spend more time at home caring for her mother, Ms. Padilla has since dedicated herself to writing.

A Taste for Love is the story of a career-minded, independent woman facing a loveless marriage dictated by blackmail. She falls in love with a man she doesn’t know has come to save her and finds a way to overcome her own reluctant heart. Set at a fictitious country club, The Club at Longview, readers meet and come to know the Texmara family. The first in a series of For Love books, the novel goes beyond surface romance and contemplates what it means to love and the sacrifices love sometimes requires. All romance novels have a happy ending, but not every character in Ms. Padilla’s books find their “happily ever after.”

“I love a great story. So I wanted to write love stories that are realistic, with exciting plots and a good bit of suspense,” she said. “My editors keep commenting how refreshing it is to read characters who don’t really do what the reader expects them to all the time. I’m hoping my readers feel the same way.” Visit Cathy Padilla’s website, www.4Love.Club, and become a member of the club that is dedicated to the love of family, fun, food, and entertainment!