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Apr 13, 2017

Lincroft School Variety Show Pays Homage to Home

By Les Pierce

The annual Lincroft School Variety Show featured 24 acts that showcased the area’s best young talent. Every rendition of the show embodies a theme. This year, the theme was “Home Sweet Home.”

One of the most symbolic numbers was “Wizard of Oz (Remix),” which depicted Dorothy in her effort to return home with the aid of newfound friends. The act started with music from the 1939 classic film, and then the mood was cleverly shifted to an upbeat tempo, through a remix with “Ease on Down the Road” from “The Wiz.” Taking the audience down the road were Cameron Kapler, Hannah Reid, Ian Reid, Olivia LeBlanc, and Olivia Varrichio.

Performing “Ice Ice Baby” are Ava Trezza, Avery Varrichio, and Mia Colleran

Typically, the younger students avoid complex choreographies. However, this was not the case when first grade students Mia Colleran, Ava Trezza, and Avery Varrichio danced to “Ice Ice Baby” with confidence and punctuated the well-designed routine with a big finish.

The very next act, “Firework,” was also an entertaining and intricate dance number. The patriotic red, white, and blue costumes added much to this portrayal. Exploding onstage to “Firework” were Camryn Trupiano, Serena Ferro, Keira Whitaker, Maddie Brzyski, Hailey Casale, Isabella Baerga, and Elissa Cloke.

Vocalist Ella Mullane provided an endearing interpretation of “She Used to Be Mine.” Accompanying Ella on guitar was her father, Mike.

Nathan Crawford and Marcos Lopez have brought hilarious comedy routines to this venue in years past and were back again for laughs. The pair appeared onstage costumed in 1970’s garb as Sonny and Cher, performing “I’ve Got You Babe.” Nathan was just beautiful as Cher in a long black wig and Marcos exuded charm as Sonny. In the spirit of saving the best for last, this was act number 23 of 24, and it was simply hilarious.


Mr. Levine leads the dancers in the show finale.

Indeed, the best was saved for last. Fifth grade students Emma Gentile, Julia Costello, Alexis Cambria, Stephanie Percello, and Lilly Becker closed the show with an act that told a story and included a surprise finish. The number depicted a group of dancers auditioning for a music video. However, after two takes, the stage director, played by Lilly Becker, expressed frustration and called on a professional choreographer. At that point, Mr. Justin Levine, the Lincroft School physical education and health teacher, appeared onstage, impersonating Bruno Mars. Mr. Levine, as Mars, put down his best moves to a delighted audience and led the group in dance to a successful audition.

Mrs. Sue Cacoilo served as the Lincroft PTA’s Variety Show chairperson.