Friday, September 30, 2022

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Jul 18, 2022

Law Enforcement Recruits Graduate Monmouth County Police Academy

On June 2, 44 newly sworn law enforcement officers graduated from the Monmouth County Police Academy. Graduates included 15 recruits of the 102nd Basic Course for Police Officers, 20 recruits from the 53rd Basic Course for Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers and nine recruits from the 39th Basic Course for County Corrections Officers.

“These fine men and women have demonstrated their commitment to law enforcement by persevering and successfully completing this intense training,” said Sheriff Shaun Golden, whose agency runs the Monmouth County Police Academy. “Becoming a member of law enforcement is a great privilege, since there is no higher responsibility than maintaining public safety. I’m proud of their accomplishments and commend all for a job well done.”

Both law enforcement classes, which were combined, consisted of 20 weeks with 780 hours of training run through the Monmouth County Police Academy. The Basic Course for Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers has full police powers while on duty. All recruits train in patrol concepts, defensive driving, professional development, weaponry and unarmed defense, criminal investigation, ethics, emergency medical care and physical training, along with a host of other courses.

Recruits in the corrections class train for 14 weeks engaging in physical training and drill and learned how to properly use firearms, batons, handcuffing techniques and mechanical restraints. They were also trained in unarmed self-defense and emergency medical response. Classroom instruction included topics on law enforcement and ethics, stress management, contraband and evidence processing, characteristics of inmates and drug interdiction and identification.

Upon successful completion of the police training commission-approved curriculum, all of the officers are well prepared to serve their respective law enforcement agencies and county correctional facilities.

Acting First Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Michael J. Wojciechowski said, “These graduates are choosing public service at a challenging time, knowing that they will have to earn the trust of the residents whom they will be serving. We have every expectation that they are up to this challenge and will serve their communities with honor and distinction.”

Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone said, “Thank you on behalf of the entire Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners for choosing a career in law enforcement and for the public service they will perform to protect our communities. Monmouth County truly has the best law enforcement in the State and each of these graduates will contribute to that.”