Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Feb 09, 2018

Largest Salvation Army Kettle Arrives in Red Bank

By Les Pierce

The annual “Christmas Celebration” hosted by the Salvation Army of Red Bank is always a cheerful event.  However, this year the venue offered something special as the world’s largest Salvation Army collection kettle stopped for a visit at the Newman Springs location as part of the December 23 festivities. The kettle is an oversized rendering of the iconic red vessel and features folding staircases to provide for children to make donations.  It was displayed on a flatbed in front of the Salvation Army building for passersby to see.

About 150 children and adults alike enjoyed the four-hour  event, which included holiday tunes performed by the Salvation Army Brass Band and carols vocalized by the Salvation Army Singing Company and the Timbrel Brigade. Santa Claus arrived by firetruck complements of the Red Bank fire department and met with each child.

Lieutenant Brennen Hinzman, the Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army Red Bank Corps, stated, “The Red Bank Salvation Army was thrilled to be able to celebrate Christmas with the community on December 23rd. Christmas is a time to be with family and friends as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and the children did a great job singing and teaching us about just that!” Hinzman further stated, “John and Erin Oakley, owners of Fantastic Signs, were an incredible support and asset for this event as well as the Red Bank Broad Street event. The Oakley family gave of their time and shared their many resources to make this happen and we want to thank them for their dedication to the work of The Salvation Army and their dedication to the Red Bank community.This event could not have taken place without their help.”