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Lares Home Care Seniors Rock 1
Nov 30, 2018

Rock Painting Project for Seniors in New Jersey

Lares Home Care Seniors Rock 1

Seniors Rock NJ brings fun and creativity to our senior population in New Jersey by inviting senior artists to design rocks that would be distributed throughout their surrounding communities. This project will enable the seniors to share their creativity, wisdom and inspirations with others in a unique way. Their custom designed rocks will be reaching others in the community and be recognized on a dedicated social platform on Facebook (Senior Rocks NJ). People that find these rocks can share their pictures, creating a viral trend throughout the projectโ€˜s lifetime.

Seniors Rock NJ rock painting project incorporates the following therapeutic benefits: fine motor control, bilateral hands use, attention to task, hand strength, memory, fosters creativity skills, improves finger and hand dexterity, social skills/turn taking/sharing and sensory experience.

Lares Home Care Seniors Rock 2Available to senior living communities, rehabilitation centers and senior centers throughout New Jersey free of charge.

This project is scheduled for 1-2 hours. All necessary supplies as well as a project director are available.

Call Lares Home Care at 732-709-7824.

(This service is free of charge)