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Jersey Missing Dog Sandy Hook Finetto
Sep 14, 2018

Missing Dog, Jersey, Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge

Jersey Missing Dog Sandy Hook Finetto

On Saturday May 26th around 5:30 P.M., Jersey went missing off of a boat in the Sandy Hook Bay heading back into Highlands.
Jersey was a white golden retriever who was adored not only by her family, but by her entire community.

We last reported about Jersey on June 1st, 2018. There were extensive search parties over the summer.

The Keansburg Police Department called the Finetto’s to let them know that they found Jersey’s body on the shore.

The Journal along with the rest of the community sends their compassion to the Finetto family.

Here is a public post shared by Jersey’s owner, Todd Finetto.
“We were notified by the Keansburg pd that Jersey was found on the beach dead. It was confirmed with her collar. A complete heart wrenching phone call. This brings us closure and some kind of relief of not knowing.
To everyone out there that was involved in searching and looking and letting us know any information that may be related to her we have the utmost respect and love for all that effort. It cannot be expressed how much it helped us with this whole experience. You guys are the best and Thank you.
From the Finetto family to all of you thank you again and lots of love. Jersey will be missed and remembered forever.”