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Jamie Baldanza Horse
Aug 08, 2018

Local Photographer Captures Equine Beauty

Jamie Baldanza Horse

Jamie Baldanza always had an aptitude for photography, but she never guessed how far this interest would take her. She was once a city-slicker working in the advertising world as an art director in New York City, but after a dozen or so years, Jamie’s husband – a Colts Neck native – convinced her to make the move to Jersey. At first, Jamie said she needed a farm if she were to leave the metropolis lifestyle. Instead, her recompense for resettling in Monmouth County ended up being a horse. Having this beautiful animal in her life catalyzed her passion for photography as she began taking more and more photos of her horse. “I just picked up the camera and started shooting,” Jamie said.  Soon, she was taking photos of other people’s horses and then advanced from the domestic into the world of wild horses out west.  After 14 years of working in advertising, Jamie left her job and fully embraced her talents in photography and love for horses to become a fulltime photographer. Jamie is also on the board of directors for The Cloud Foundation, an organization that protects and preserves wild horses and burros on public lands in the American West

Jamie Baldanza Horse Taylor

Being a photographer in the equine world isn’t easy, and while Jamie is an expert at using natural lighting and has all the professional equipment needed for studio shoots, her real talent extends beyond the technical skills. Horses can’t be expected to strike a pose on demand or wait in position to get the right angle. “You’re always going to get something different,” says Jamie, describing the unique challenges in her field of work, “but, since I’m a horse person, I know what to expect.” Using keen observations and her intimate knowledge of horses, Jamie can not only get a horse’s attention, but she can read their body language and expressions to predict their behavior and respond accordingly. “A flicker of the ear can tell me what that horse might do next.”

Jamie’s ability to connect with the horses is crucial to her work, but she finds it just as important to understand the bond between the horse and their owner. She knows that the horse and owner relationship is filled with love, which is why she takes the time to have a conversation before every shoot to learn more about the specific bond she’s tasked with capturing.  Whether it’s a person who wants to memorialize a longtime partnership with their horse or a parent wanting to preserve the early moments of a blossoming friendship between their child and newly adopted horse — Jamie knows that these animals are their owner’s best friends, and what they want most is to be given a photo that encapsulates that love.

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