Saturday, July 11, 2020

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May 29, 2020

Impact 100 Jersey Coast Offers Generous Donation to COVID-19 Response Initiative

Since its founding in 2015, Impact 100 Jersey Coast has made tremendous strides in empowering women to improve the lives of others through philanthropy. Thus far, the all-volunteer organization has awarded nearly $1.2 million in substantial grants to ten Monmouth County nonprofits, with new recipients selected each November. This month, the women of Impact 100 Jersey Coast joined forces to provide additional assistance in the face of the extraordinary COVID-19 crisis.

On April 21, Impact 100 Jersey Coast announced its donation of $17,650 to the nonprofit New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund (NJPRF) that was launched in March to address critical needs and fight the medical, economic and social impact of COVID-19 in the Garden State. Every dollar raised by NJPRF goes to existing organizations with a demonstrated record of offering essential services to vulnerable communities and to assist those on the frontlines of the pandemic. These include food banks and pantries, healthcare programs, transportation, housing, mental health services and more.

This one-time gift was made possible by the vote of 353 Impact 100 members who agreed to allocate $50 of their annual donation toward its administrative fund to instead support the efforts of the state-wide New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund. NJPRF is managed by the Community Foundation of New Jersey, the trusted fiscal partner and parent 501(c)3 for Impact 100 Jersey Coast.

“It means the world to the NJPRF to have Impact 100 Jersey Coast’s support for pandemic relief,” said Hans Dekker, president of the Community Foundation of New Jersey. “Like Impact 100, we will use the funding in the most strategic places to help our families and communities survive and recover.”

Despite the global pandemic and New Jersey’s state of emergency, Impact 100 Jersey Coast recently closed its fifth annual membership drive with a record 456 members. That will allow them to provide a total of $456,000 in grants – or $114,000 each – to assist high-impact projects for four nonprofit organizations that will be selected this fall.

“This is a moment when our community needs us more than ever,” said Heather Burke, vice president and co-founder of Impact 100 Jersey Coast. “Thanks to the support of our members, our collective dollars now represent a lifeline to our local nonprofit community.”

Impact 100 members and supporters are also invited to visit the organization’s website for updates on ways to help with urgent community needs, including wish lists from grantees and grant applicants, during the COVID-19 emergency. Along with so many others, Impact 100 Jersey Coast salutes all the healthcare professionals, emergency responders, educators, nonprofits, community organizations, volunteers, and fellow neighbors for taking care of one another under these uncertain and challenging times.

To learn more about Impact 100 Jersey Coast, its members and its mission, visit