Monday, August 3, 2020

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Holmdel Police House Checks
Aug 17, 2018

“House Checks” for Vacationing Residents

Holmdel Police House Checks

If you are a Holmdel resident going on vacation, be sure to complete a “House Check” form and submit it to the Holmdel Police Department. (Other local police departments perform house checks so reach out to your local police department for more information.) Officers will check your house periodically while you are away. The form can be found at under the tab “How Do I…..”

Preventing crime during family travel starts with making sure your home is safe while you’re away.

• Strive to make your home look as lived-in as possible while you’re away.

• Don’t broadcast your plans, but do let your neighbors know that you’ll be gone.

• Give a spare key to your neighbors and give them an emergency telephone number to reach you.

• Arrange to have your mail and newspapers picked up daily (preferred) or have delivery stopped while you’re away.

• Use automatic timers to turn on a radio, lights, etc., at different intervals.

• Turn down the ringer on your telephone. An unanswered telephone is a dead giveaway.

• Leave your blinds as you normally would if you were home.

• Be sure to lock the garage as well as any storage sheds, gates, etc. It’s also a good idea to disconnect your garage door opener if you have one.

• Ask your neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway and put out your garbage cans if you have curbside pickup. A neighbor can throw in a bag of trash.

Your home is secured, you’re packed, and now it’s time to go. While you and your family are traveling, it’s important to remember that tourists make tempting targets for thieves. Often lost or distracted, weighed down with bags, and carrying cameras, tickets and money, unsuspecting travelers attract crime like a magnet. If you get lost while traveling, get directions from local law enforcement, not complete strangers.

• The best advice for you and your family is to do all you can to blend in with the crowd.

• Don’t display expensive jewelry, cameras, bags, and other items that might draw attention.

• Check maps before you go out so you can tour confidently.

• Stick to well-lighted, well-traveled streets at all times – no shortcuts.

• Do not carry large amounts of cash. Use travelers’ check and credit cards.

• Be sure someone knows your itinerary and estimated time of return.

• Traveling safely with your family also means sticking together and keeping an eye on your children at all times. Make sure they know where you are staying (name and address), and teach them what to do if they get lost or separated. For additional questions with specific emphasis on foreign travel, contact the U.S. Department of State at