Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Jun 05, 2017

Holmdel Rocks Kindness Day

On May 5, Girl Scout Troop 363 held their first Holmdel Rocks Kindness Day. Kindness Day is an idea that came to them from hearing so much about the β€œKindness Challenge” on Facebook. The girls thought of a way they could participate, too. All Holmdel Girl Scouts, from Daisy to Senior troops, were invited to Indian Hill School. Troop 363 had many activities for the troops to participate in, but the main idea was all about spreading kindness. The troop collected hundreds of rocks from Holmdel Park and surrounding parks for the troops to decorate with encouraging sayings and happy pictures.

The Girl Scout troops were then encouraged to take the rocks they decorated and place them around town. The idea they came up with was to leave the rocks by businesses, restaurants, schools, parks, and neighborhood homes of friends and family for people to see. They had many wonderful ideas and were very creative in decorating the rocks. The notion behind it is that if someone sees one of their painted rocks, they can pick it up and place it somewhere else, or they can take it home with them. If the person who found the rock is feeling creative, they can decorate another rock to place somewhere themselves. Troop 363 hopes their Kindness Day will catch on and other Holmdel residents will participate. So remember, if you see a painted rock, pick it up and place it somewhere else to share.

The girls also had a collection for the local food pantry, collecting hygiene and other products to be donated. They also drew beautiful pictures and wrote heartwarming notes for the customers at the pantry to take home. Troop 363 would like to thank all who participated with them on Holmdel Rocks Kindness Day, and hopes to start a new tradition to carry on from year to year.