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Jan 02, 2018

Holmdel Resident and Author Is Helping People Conquer Their Shopping Addiction

Is it really possible for a shopaholic to recover from a shopping addiction and walk away with a wardrobe that they love? Yes, it is, and Holmdel author Lisa Deerwood’s book, Shopping Brake: Proven Tips to Stop Shopping Wrong, and Start Shopping Right for a Wardrobe You Love, explains how to do it. This smart and savvy guide puts an end to shopping too often for the wrong types of clothes – permanently, while also helping someone shape their wardrobe into something that they not only love, but also use.

In her book, Ms. Deerwood breaks down shopping into its individual parts so that the behavior can be changed over time. Drawing on research and personal experience, she covers everything related to overshopping and managing a wardrobe, including:

  • Reprogramming the way someone shops for clothes
  • Mastering closet organization and making what’s inside someone’s closet work for them
  • Stopping shopping triggers before they can do more harm than good
  • How to stop owning clothes that aren’t being used
  • Explaining how to create a personalized wardrobe
  • Enjoying the results

Researchers have reported that up to 6% of Americans are shopaholics, and Lisa Deerwood was one of them. “A closet filled with clothes and nothing to wear. That’s what lots of people, including myself, faced every single day when getting dressed. And when you’re a shopaholic, that frustration causes you to go shopping for something new,” she stated. As a professional research scientist, she has spent years examining problems and finding solutions, then processing the information so that the results mean something to an outside audience. She turned her focus onto conquering a shopping addiction, using herself as the test subject.

“I began doing wardrobe challenges, turning the focus not only onto my behavior inside retail stores, but also at home, inside my walk-in closet,” Ms. Deerwood explained. “Then, one day, my Darling Husband (DH) gave me a new wardrobe challenge to do. We called it The DH Closet Challenge. I emptied out my entire closet, then slowly added in clothes as I wore them over time. It took me 13 ½ months to complete the challenge.” And by the end of that time period, she had culled over half of her wardrobe, and finally conquered her shopping addiction.

She said, “When you look inside your closet and see how much clothing you actually use, compared to the clothes that are still waiting to earn their place inside your closet, you finally see how little you need to own and how important what you buy really is.” This allowed her to start working on techniques to change how she shopped inside the retail stores, as well. With an organized closet and a new approach to shopping for her wardrobe, Ms. Deerwood set her sights on something new: helping others to do the same thing. “That’s why I wrote this book. So that someone like me can learn how to stop shopping wrong, and start shopping right for a wardrobe they will love.”

About the Author

Lisa Deerwood is a recovering shopaholic and a research scientist who has spent more than a decade studying shopping addiction and wardrobe management. She holds a Master’s of Science in biology, with a molecular biology concentration. For more information, visit