Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Mar 02, 2021

Holmdel Preschool Students Thank Local Police Officers

By: Shanna O'Mara

Police pulled up to the building. Pulling their masks over their faces and dropping their heavy boots to the ground, two officers stepped out of their patrol vehicles with K-9 Murph in tow. He sniffed the asphalt before turning toward the door as the patrolmen led the way. Inside, a dozen preschoolers pressed their little hands against the window, waiting patiently to greet the men in uniform.

Last month, the students and staff at Holmdel Preschool organized an event in honor of Friendship Day to thank the officers for all their work in keeping the community safe. With help from their teachers, the children created a banner and filled gift bags for Operation Gratitude.

Holmdel Preschool Director Debbie Morgan said, “I cannot think of a better Friendship Day project than this to demonstrate our gratitude to our local police in these challenging times for all they do throughout the year. The children worked hard to create special artwork to convey their love and thankfulness.”

The children met officers Michael Michalski and Darryl Jackson, who introduced them to Murph. They sang songs to the officers, thanking them for their commitment to the town and gave them goodie bags to bring back to the department.

“This was a surprise, that we were getting the banner here,” Michalski said. “That was very thoughtful of the students and the staff. It’s nice to see that our community supports us and that they’re teaching the kids that we’re their friends. It’s good for us to have a relationship with the youths in our community. This was such a nice gesture by them.”

Before leaving, Jackson and Michalski advised the children to stay in school, listen to their parents and teachers, respect each other, and always come to them if they need help. They waved goodbye and got back into their vehicles, flashing their lights and blaring the siren in gratitude.