Sunday, August 9, 2020

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Jul 02, 2020

Holmdel Nonprofit Raises Funds for At-Risk Native American Communities

Two grassroots nonprofit organizations, Antinanco Earth Arts School in Holmdel and PAZA, Tree of Life, in Easton, Pennsylvania joined forces to raise immediate funds for Native American communities as the COVID-19 pandemic becomes a serious threat. The reservations that will receive the Native COVID-19 Response aid include Crow Creek, Lower Brule and Cheyenne River Sioux in South Dakota, as well as the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, where the outbreak is rapidly spreading due to a lack of access to water.

โ€œThe Native COVID-19 Response Campaign is a public campaign that we have launched across social media to help Native American communities get through this pandemic,โ€ said Olga Sher, founder and board chair of Antinanco Earth Arts School, an organization dedicated to education and support of indigenous cultures. โ€œOur goal is to create public awareness about what is happening with our native nations, especially during this time of crisis, and to let the native peoples know that we are eager to help.โ€

Native Hope, a South Dakota based nonprofit is joining in this collaborative effort to help get donations to the reservations in a timely manner.

The first round of monetary and in-kind donations totaling $10,000 was delivered to the reservation last month. This effort was made possible with the help of the Taubert Memorial Foundation, whose mission focuses on addressing health issues through better food choices and holistic medicines.

For more details about this campaign and to support, visit