Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Jun 01, 2020

Holmdel Community Sets up Grand Display for Class of 2020

On a bright, sunny morning, on the grounds of the iconic Bell Labs beneath the transistor-shaped water tower, a group of senior parents and local first responders, led by Eric Herando who heads up the Office of Emergency Management, took a break from the current COVID-19 crisis to broadcast a message of love and support for the Holmdel High School class of 2020.

As High School Principal Brian Schillaci, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert McGarry and parent organizers watched, the first responders maneuvered their vehicles into the shape of a giant heart around a banner that read, “We [heart] our 2020 Senior Hornets.” The images and video of the heart went viral Monday as students continued to complete their senior year at home due to the pandemic.

A group of parents have been working closely with the high school administration to find creative ways to keep students’ spirits high during this time. The first activity involved placing a sign on the lawn of each senior that read, “Honk! There’s a 2020 HS Senior Stuck Inside.”

“Our parents are always such great partners in all we do, and as usual, they outdid themselves once again,” McGarry said. With other events planned leading up to and including the last day of school, the school district is working within the guidelines provided by the Department of Education and in concert with students to plan an in-person graduation after July 6. Details about this event will be published once approval is granted by NJDOE officials.