Friday, November 15, 2019

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Hazlet movie theatre emergency
Jan 05, 2019

Hazlet Movie Theatre Evacuated for Emergency

Hazlet movie theatre emergency

On Saturday, January 5th at 5:18 pm, the Cinemark Movie Theatre in Hazlet, New Jersey was evacuated for emergency.

A recorded voice came over the loudspeaker instructing guests to evacuate the theatre due to an unspecified emergency.

“People were running out of the theatre. They were going out all of the exits. It was pretty scary”, said a moviegoer who wanted to remain anonymous.

Multiple fire trucks, police cars, and emergency personnel were on scene. They arrived about ten minutes after the evacuation. Hundreds of people were standing in the parking lot waiting. Cinemark employees were handing out complementary rain check vouchers to people in the parking lot.

An employee on-duty said that a fire alarm was set off and the theatre needed to be inspected.

People were back in the theatre by 6:00 watching their movie.