Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Nov 02, 2017

Halloween Window Painting at Markham Place School

By Joanne Colella

A festive seasonal tradition continued last month at Markham Place School in Little Silver, with an artistic celebration of Halloween. Thirty talented eighth grade students painted the windows of businesses in downtown Little Silver.

The project is organized by Nicole Lawlor, art teacher at Markham Place School, who explained that it begins with the eighth graders submitting full-color drawings for consideration. Each student works with a partner. Ms. Lawlor selects the best designs, assigns the windows to be painted, and meets with the students to give instructions. On the day of the event, she said, the school PTO provides a wonderful bagel breakfast and the students prepare the paint and supplies to bring with them. Joined by Ms. Lawlor and another teacher, Don Nolan, the whole group walks downtown, where the students spend the entire day outside painting, with breaks for lunch and snacks.

Participating businesses that so graciously host the students each year included Carvel, Wells Fargo, The Turning Point, Little Szechuan, Nails Plus, Gianniโ€™s Pizza, Family Pharmacy, and Dr. Dowd.