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Golf Course Deals Glen Dalakian
May 30, 2018

‘Golf Course Deals’

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

Golf Course Deals Glen Dalakian

Some entrepreneurs seem to think the four walls of their office, shop or facility are the confines of their business reach.Β  But most of the more successful people I know recognize the importance of social interaction beyond the boundaries of the workplace, and they extend out to many places. In the past, we have discussed Networking Events and even Trade Shows as a way to go beyond the usual realms of commerce, but what about the more social environments?

I believe we have all heard of “Golf Course Deals,” which can happen at outings or when a few people get together a foursome and head out for a day to enjoy the great outdoors. Even friends shooting a round of golf will find time to discuss careers or finance in some way.

Although I do not golf, I have had countless offers (but afraid of catching the “fever”). To date, I have only played on a real course twice and it wasn’t pretty. That does not mean I have not heard or in some way witnessed successful business dealings begun and many times even concluded on the green. But this experience is not limited to the golf course, as it also applies in any social or even charitable space.

The greatest opportunities are often found in social environments. This is a time when the relationship between people can grow and may expand into professional discussions.

The biggest decisions can be made outside the office. This applies not only to closing deals but making important work-related choices. To think at the highest levels, I often need to leave my building and sit in a relaxing area and churn through ideas. Sometimes I even insist on staff members joining me for a think-session in a non-business environment like a park or a restaurant overlooking the water, or even a walk around the parking lot on a bright day.

If you want to cover all your bases in your business journey to success, explore new areas of potential growth. Whether at a party or other social event, a charity ball or just a quiet place to clearly consider the next steps in your career, get outside the workspace and let your mind explore the possibilities without disruption.

I have been told by many – and have experienced it personally – that some of our best thinking happens outside the office. We should all have places to escape to in order to ponder our deepest thoughts and concerns, which can bring out amazing ideas that will catapult us to greater heights.

Live this thought-releasing process and then share it with some of your key people. You will be quite surprised with the results and may find the answers.