Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Apr 15, 2021

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore Announce TopCookie Dessert Competition Winners 

Photo by John Vitollo. Eileen Higgins (center) welcomes chefs to the 2021 TopCookie dessert competition.

The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore is pleased to announce its 2021 TopCookie dessert competition champions. 

Charlie’s of Bay Head was selected TopCookie winner by a jury of judges, led by celebrity chef David Burke. Asbury Park’s Cardinal Provisions captured the People’s Choice Award. The live competition took place on March 16 at the Council’s Program Activity Center in Farmingdale, and results were revealed March 21 on the Girl Scout YouTube channel and on Facebook. 

Chefs from four Jersey Shore restaurants transformed beloved Girl Scout Cookies into delectable desserts that were judged on appearance, flavor, texture and creativity. 

“Judging this year’s competition was very difficult. The desserts were fantastic and very creative,” said Burke, a James Beard Award-winning chef, restaurateur and cookbook editor, who was a familiar guest on TV’s Top Chef.

The winning indulgence was a beautifully plated lemon layered dessert topped with an edible message that read “I am a leader,” a nod to one of the inscriptions stamped on the Lemon-up Girl Scout Cookie used in the dessert. 

After thousands of votes were counted, the People’s Choice Award was awarded to the Samosa-inspired dessert by Cardinal Provisions; a croissant-like pastry called “xuixos” filled with bits of the Samosa Cookie topped with a coconut brittle. 

Votes were sold for $1 each with a few triple vote days to boost participation from Girl Scout supporters and the community. 

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore CEO Eileen Higgins said the event raised more than $30,000 to support Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore and helped promote the hardworking restaurant community. 

“It’s been a difficult year for everyone,” Higgins said. “This was a fun way to come together and support each other. Proceeds from the two-part event will fund leadership programs and experiences for local Girl Scouts “designed to keep them connected and engaged during this challenging time.”

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore provides leadership opportunities to nearly 10,000 girls in Monmouth and Ocean counties. The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls lifelong lessons such as how to manage money, set goals, meet deadlines, work well with others and to think like an entrepreneur.

Girl Scout Cookies will be available at drive-thru booths and community locations in Monmouth and Ocean counties through April. To locate a cookie booth, order cookies online or learn more about Girl Scouts, visit