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Feb 01, 2017

FRHSD Reorganization Meeting

By Nicholas Deckmejian

The Freehold Regional High School District (FRHSD) held its reorganization meeting at its January 9 board of education meeting.  In the November election, Elizabeth Canario of Englishtown received 10,855 votes, Kathie Lavin of Farmingdale received 13,561 votes, and Amy Fankhauser of Howell received 13,581 votes.

After the three incumbent board members were re-sworn in, the board opened up nominations for president. Mr. Michael Messinger of Marlboro was nominated first, followed by the nomination of Mrs. Jennifer Sutera of Manalapan. The board first voted on Mr. Messinger, but when he didn’t receive a weighted majority of the votes, the board moved on to vote on Mrs. Sutera, who ultimately won enough votes and became the district’s new board president.

After newly elected President Sutera took her position, she opened nominations for vice president. Mr. Peter Bruno of Howell was the first and only nominee, which made it an easy process to elect him as the board’s vice president.

During his superintendent’s report, Mr. Charles Sampson congratulated Mrs. Sutera and Mr. Bruno for their new positions, as well as the three board members who were reelected, saying, “It’s terrific to have consistency within the board.” Mr. Sampson also dedicated time to reflect on the outgoing president, Mr. Heshy Moses, who had served as president for the last six years. “Mr. Moses worked in the district for almost 35 years, so he is intimately familiar with the district, but he has been a real advocate for treating people with dignity, making sure this is a great place to work, making sure students have what they need in our schools to succeed, and putting his own ego aside,” said the superintendent. “Mr. Moses doesn’t come in with his mind made up about something; he’s always been open to hearing the whole story and then making a decision. As a superintendent, the consistency behind that allows the district to thrive. He just wants to make sure the district is well run, the kids have what they need, and folks are treated well. It’s been a real honor to work with him for the past six years.”

Then, on behalf of the board, Mr. Sampson presented Mr. Moses with a plaque to honor his dedication and service on the board and to the district. Mrs. Sutera also shared her appreciation of the work Mr. Moses did as president. “Thank you for all your service,” said the new president. “It’s been an honor and I hope I can fill your shoes.”