Monday, January 21, 2019

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Things to do at Sandy hook Beach NJ
Jan 05, 2019

Free Things to do at Sandy Hook

Things to do at Sandy hook Beach NJ

Photo courtesy of Tyler Grimm.

If you live in New Jersey and ever find yourself bored- that’s all on you! There’s so much to do, especially at Sandy Hook. (It’s even free until Memorial Day!)
Here’s some Journal generated ideas from us to you.

•Go for a walk/run on the freshly paved roads.

•Bird watching with friends. (Whoever finds the rarest bird, wins!)

•Visit Fort Hancock (pictured here) and imagine what it was like a hundred years ago.

•Go camping. (Yes, you can rent a campsite here!)

•Lighthouse tours.

•Take some photos to get featured on our social media.

•Go for a bike ride.

•Have a picnic party. (There are grills and tables just waiting for you and your crew.)

•Go fishing and then make a fish dinner!

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