Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Aug 07, 2020

Fire Marshal Gives Safety Tips for Running a Generator Near a Home

There has been an increase in carbon monoxide scares in Middletown and surrounding towns since Tropical Storm Isaias swept the coast on Tuesday.

Many Monmouth County homes were left without power after strong winds and heavy rain knocked down utility poles and tree branches. Debris scattered residential roads as power crews worked tirelessly to restore electricity to the hundreds of thousands without it.

Large sections of the county are still without power, now running portable generators to keep their homes cool, devices charged and appliances working.

Middletown Fire Marshal Buddy Skelly said he encourages homeowners to follow generator guidelines. These include having the equipment placed 10 feet away from the home and using a UL listed extension cord to run the generator. A generator should not be placed under an open window so as to keep fumes away from people.

Skelly also emphasizes the importance of having working carbon monoxide and smoke alarms in the home. Portable, gasoline-powered generators can release carbon monoxide into the home if used improperly, putting residents at serious risk.

β€œThere has been a tremendous spike [in high carbon monoxide levels in houses],” Skelly stated. β€œWell over a hundred calls have been made.”

Skelly urged residents to seek immediate help by calling 911 if they are running a generator and feel light-headed or nauseous.