Saturday, October 31, 2020

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May 06, 2020

Fair Haven Mom Returns to Work, Vowing to Do What She Loves While Helping Others

By Shanna O'Mara

Liz Devine Hewson and Mark Lund

Having always had a passion for helping others and a heightened ability to empathize, she first began “holding court” for her peers in high school. Today, she works as a certified professional coach and is part of a powerhouse team helping local couples find peace and pleasure within their marriages. Meet Fair Haven’s Liz Devine Hewson.

Hewson, along with friend and colleague Mark Lund, operates Twin Lights Coaching, a personalized service through which the two help couples spark passion, improve communication and find happiness that may have been clouded by responsibility and other everyday pressures.

“Stress magnifies and brings to the surface issues that may have already been there,” said Lund, whom Hewson met in 2017 at an international professional coach training program. “A lot of people don’t understand how to express themselves. We help with that. We love to see how we can take what’s there and reignite that passion.”

The two initially began working together after meeting at a conference and realizing their visions aligned with what they wanted to accomplish.

“I raised my kids at home for 17 years,” Hewson said of her life before coaching. “I said, ‘When I go back into the workforce, I’ll do something I love.’”

Sharing that desire with Lund over coffee, Hewson said the two immediately clicked and knew they could pair well as business partners.

“One hour turned into three and a half,” she laughed, recalling what was supposed to be a quick coffee run. “We are so similar in how we want to impact people.”

The two initially presented their service to teens, young adults and parents affected by ADHD.

“Our goal was to transition these families from chaos into calm along while providing tools and strategies for living with executive function challenges,” Hewson said. “These issues have a habit of dividing parents when they need to be most aligned.”

The two quickly realized, however, that their “magic” was happening within the married couple’s relationship. By encouraging the parents to communicate openly and to be vulnerable with one another, they were uniting them. And the children seemed to follow suit, transforming the entire family unit.

It was then that Hewson and Lund made a decision to work with couples, deepening their clients’ understanding of one another and allowing them to work as a team – the team they vowed to be when they said “I do.”

Twin Lights Coaching now focuses on helping couples throughout all stages of their marriage – and throughout all obstacles in life.

“People work with us to manage today’s stress of being locked down with COVID-19,” Hewson said. “[They work through] the challenges of navigating an empty nest, a relationship [that] has become routine, or any number of parenting challenges that are dividing them. Some couples even work with us to nurture the love and fine-tune the great relationship they already have.”

And the two coaches present a unique benefit to clients in the ways they are similar and perhaps more so in the ways they differ.

Both Lund and Hewson are happily married to their significant others with children of their own. Both are certified professional coaches with a rich understanding of what can drive people apart and what can bring them back together. But they bring to the table different life experience.

Hewson said people can be vulnerable with them because she and Lund “represent both sides – male and female.” They also represent opposite sides of the brain. Hewson, a confident and patient woman whose ability to really listen comes across during the first few minutes of a chat, has a background in theater. She is not afraid to speak up but does so respectfully and empathetically. Lund, a soft-spoken man with a tone so genuine it puts a knot in your throat, spent nearly 30 years as a practicing doctor, working in intensive care units and emergency rooms. He understands humans in a way most people never will, and he knows how to help them.

Together, they make a person feel heard, understood, appreciated and powerful – powerful enough to say how they feel and to improve their relationship.

As Hewson and Lund always say, “Marriage isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard. There’s too much love in your heart for your relationship to merely exist.”

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