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Nov 22, 2020

Equestrians Create Stylish, Functional Riding Gear for Women

By Julia Mortimer

Connie DeMaio

Two talented horseback riders put their creativity and expertise to the test by creating innovative outerwear for equestrians. Riders are forced to perform in all weather conditions, which means they need gear that works for them, so the weather doesn’t act as an additional obstacle. This is why Connie DeMaio and Allison Malenfant co-founded the technical outerwear company Redingote.

DeMaio, a Colts Neck resident, has been riding since she was a toddler and began competing all along the East Coast.

“One of the first memories I have is my dad throwing me on a horse bareback,” DeMaio explained. She competed in the frigid rain, which is why her mom picked up a vintage men’s coverall for her. The men’s coverall was a tried and true essential for DeMaio while she rode and completed messy chores. “People would say to me, ‘This is great. Where can I get one?’”

It became apparent to her that there wasn’t a coverall on the market for women. Malenfant agreed, jokingly stating that DeMaio’s men’s coverall was about 10 sizes too big for her.

Allison Malenfant

Malenfant started riding in Brooklyn with DeMaio, who trained her. She had a strong fashion background, working with SoulCycle in product development. As their friendship grew, Malenfant explained, “We just joined forces and used both of our respective backgrounds.” That was how Redingote was created in 2018.

Both explained that the only coveralls available to women were masculine and didn’t have the style or functionality of Redingote one-pieces. Not only are the one-pieces great for equestrians, but they work beautifully for skiers and snowboarders, as the suits are waterproof. DeMaio said they have a customer who fishes in her Redingote, while others hike in the fashionable piece.

The innovative duo has also launched rain gear, specific to equestrians. The jacket has a large hood, so riders can fit the hood over their helmets. The material is lightweight and breathable, meant to be worn in all conditions, and works in the equestrians’ favor.

Their product line does not stop there. This spring, they will be launching bridges and tops that will follow the pattern of innovation, style and functionality.

To learn more about Redingote and the creative minds behind the brand, visit