Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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Jul 02, 2019

Employee Gets Fired from Taco Bell, Unleashes a Fury of Pepper Spray

taco bell pepper spray nj west long branch

An employee from the Taco Bell in West Long Branch allegedly used pepper spray to agitate employees and customers after being fired.

The woman was fired for calling out and being late after working at the establishment for a short time. After getting fired, the woman sprayed the chemicals in the storage room. She was originally asked to wait for her ride in the lobby, but she refused to leave the storage room and shredded her termination papers.

The fire department was shortly dispatched to the scene after multiple people began coughing and feeling ill. Eventually, the matter was resolved and everyone was left feeling OK.

Before leaving, the woman told the staff she would return to trash the dining area later that evening, but the woman never returned.