Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Feb 06, 2020

Driver Extracted from Vehicle after Accident in Asbury Park

A driver was extracted from his vehicle Thursday afternoon after crashing his car and eventually stopping in an empty lot in Asbury Park.

The driver, an elderly man, was traveling through Asbury Park when he collided with a pole at the intersection of Mattison Avenue and Main Street. Knocking over the street sign, colliding with a few other vehicles and continuing forward through a chain link fence, his black car ended up in a vacate construction lot just feet from Asbury Park Municipal Plaza.

Asbury Park police responded to the scene of the collision and were quickly met by local EMS and firefighters. Witnesses observed the man being lifted from the car by the first responders. He was reportedly responsive after the accident, but his condition at this time is unknown. Other victims were treated, though no injuries appeared life-threatening.

It has not yet been released what the cause of the accident was. Traffic has backed up in the area as emergency vehicles are parked along the street assisting victims.