Saturday, July 11, 2020

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May 02, 2020

Drive-In Movie Theater Coming to Central Jersey Town

A pop-up, drive-in movie theater is coming to Jackson later this month, according to PJ Windle, owner and mastermind behind Back to the Movies.

Back to the Movies, a business model conceptualized during quarantine, will bring pop-up, drive-in movie theaters to parks and large parking lots in New Jersey. Jackson is the first town to agree to host the viewing parties, but Windle said he has reached out to other towns and restaurants to gauge interest — of which there seems to be plenty.

A similar idea is also in the works at Oak Tree Lodge in Wall Township.

Individuals and families have been in quarantine for more than a month now, and many are looking for ways to leave the house while staying safe. With parks now open again in the state, there is more opportunity to responsibly leave the home while practicing social distancing. This drive-in movie theater concept is another fun way to do so.

Movie buffs will remain in their cars and watch the featured film on a large screen. A top-quality projector will bring all the colors to life while attendees can listen via a designated FM radio station or through a Bluetooth speaker or earbuds. Large speakers outside will also broadcast audio.

Back to the Movies collects a $25 fee per car, according to the company’s website. Bathrooms will be on site, and snacks will be available for purchase.

“We’re working closely with the township to make sure it is a fun night out, but also very safe and respectful to the social distancing laws,” the company says. “We want you to feel secure and safe at all times. There will always be a police presence as well as a township ambulance for all township-run events.”

For more information, call 848-469-0984 or email