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Dollar Tree AP Middletown NJ
Apr 11, 2018

Dollar Tree and Mystery Store Moving to Atlantic Highland’s A&P

Dollar Tree AP Middletown NJ

There’s nothing like filling a vacant space, especially when it is in such an important location!
The A&P of Atlantic Highlands has been closed for over three years. While rumors have been spreading around town of other businesses moving in, it has been declared that Dollar Tree will be officially moving in come late 2018.

That’s not all! While Dollar Tree will be moving in, another surprise store will be coming to Atlantic Highlands. The old A&P will be split into two locations. The other store has not been declared yet, but many residents have been calling for another supermarket.

“It would be nice to have another food store in town. While Foodtown is great for being local, it seems to be our only option until the farmers market open shop.” said Courtney Materano, Highlands, N.J.