Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Sep 28, 2021

Diving into Astrology and the Significance of Horoscopes

By Emily Chang

Happy October and happy Libra season! Nothing characterizes this month more than all things spooky, including witchcraft, haunted houses and scary stories. Even astrology can be found on the list of spooky subjects, and though not necessarily frightening, there certainly are some eerie coincidences and sinister predictions involved with horoscopes and zodiac signs. 

Whether you believe in the power of horoscopes or not, you cannot deny their current cultural influence and significance. They are neither a science nor a religion, but are often used for the purpose of decision-making, friendship and relationship compatibility and individual understanding. And while astrology has been around since the BC era with people consulting the stars for guidance, only recently has it escalated to popularity among the younger generations. Social media has certainly served as a contributing factor to its growth, with millennials and Gen-Z jumping on the bandwagon to read their birth chart, compare their personalities with friends and explain/predict significant events in their lives. 

Astrology works in accordance with astronomical bodies, hence the name. There are 12 star signs on the zodiac that each have their own colors, animals, stones and characteristics, and one’s star sign is determined by the date they are born. While people of the same star sign are generally similar, each individual has a more personalized birth chart based on the relative position of the planets and stars during the time and location of their birth. 

There are many mixed opinions regarding astrology, with skeptics completely averse to the subject and full-fledged believers revolving their entire lives around their horoscope. To be fair, there is no scientific evidence proving the validity of horoscopes, and there are many different interpretations depending on what site/app is being consulted. Regardless, astrology truly can be beneficial in serving as a form of guidance and support to those in need. For instance, it is a great way to connect with oneself, understand behavior, and work toward self-improvement. Astrological beings do influence things on Earth, such as the moon controlling tidal waves, making it possible for people to be impacted as well. 

This month is Libra season, and while that has a different meaning for everyone depending on their personal star sign, it generally represents balance in one’s life. Libras are kind and open-minded, strive to attain balance and peace, while avoiding violence and conflict. They are born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22, making them the dominant sign of this month, followed by Scorpios who are born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21. 

Astrology can be found in physical forms as well, with birthstones and astrological talisman symbolizing wellness and good fortune. For those interested in such products, as well as more spiritual things such as healing crystals and tarot card readings, Earth Spirit New Age Center in Red Bank is a great place to shop. 

Even if you find yourself rolling your eyes or shaking your head in skepticism, it doesn’t hurt to take some time this month to educate yourself on your star sign, as well as the history and culture behind astrology itself. Not only is it the perfect mystical activity for this year’s spooky season, you might even end up experiencing some degree of guidance and self-discovery.