Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Jun 05, 2020

Curfew Set in Keyport for This Weekend

Credit: Foursquare

The Borough of Keyport has announced a public notice of an 8 pm curfew for Keyport residents on Saturday, June 6.

A peaceful protest in support of police accountability and social justice is scheduled for that day, beginning at 1 pm near Maple Place and Lower Main Street, continuing into the Borough of Matawan.

The Borough of Keyport has justified this curfew by stating, “During recent events throughout the nation, certain individuals have engaged in behavior that has endangered the health and safety of residents of their respective municipalities.”

 A number of protests across Ocean and Monmouth counties have occurred, many ending without confrontation. However, arrests have been made in a few instances, including the Asbury Park protests.

During the hours of curfew, all persons are prohibited from using, standing, sitting, traveling or being present on any public street or in any public place, including for the purpose of travel.

Law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, credentialed members of the media and other emergency response personnel authorized by The State of New Jersey are exempt from the borough’s curfew.

The Keyport’s curfew will expire on Sunday, June 7 at 5 am.