Friday, November 22, 2019

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Jul 01, 2017

Colts Neck Senior Citizens Visit NBC Studios

A group of 50 Colts Neck seniors had a delightful day in New York City on Wednesday, April 26. It started with a care-free ride into the city, with Bob, their bus driver, professionally handling the traffic.  He dropped off the group at NBC Studios, where they were divided into four tour groups, under the guidance of very knowledgeable young pages. On the tour, they saw where many famous shows, like “Saturday Night Live,” “NBC Nightly News,” and “The Tonight Show,” take place and the very important control rooms. The seniors had fun learning how to “put on their own show” and were actually filmed acting in the roles of host, guest, announcer, camera crew, and control room crew. Afterwards, copies were sent to their emails, to the delight of everyone! By the end of their visit at the studios, they had worked up a good appetite and were well fed at the Rock Center Café, where the excellent wait staff served them a mixed greens salads, delicious entrées, and luscious cheesecake.

If you are a Colts Neck resident age 55 or older, you, too, can enjoy outings like this by joining the Colts Neck Seniors Club. For information, call president Jack Coppola at (732) 933-0720.