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Sep 04, 2019

Colts Neck Doctor Providing Expert Care for All Species 

By Shanna O’Mara

Colts Neck Ron Iannacone

Most parents count fingers and toes. One local man counts fingers, toes, claws, hooves, paws and wings. Meet Colts Neck’s Ron Iannacone.

Iannacone, a hobby farmer and board-certified otolaryngologist (surgeon of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck) originally from Hawthorne, has been practicing medicine for nearly 30 years. His practice, Atlantic ENT Associates, has expanded and grown into the New Jersey Sinus Center. Here, Iannacone specializes in balloon sinuplasty, a procedure that uses a thin, flexible, balloon catheter to open blocked sinus passageways and relieve pressure. He began in a location in Manasquan which he still has and then opened a second office in Toms River where he met his now-wife, Tami Blumenthal.

“I had an ear infection and went to his practice after being released from the hospital,” Blumenthal said. “I met him, and well, the rest is history I suppose!”

Together, the two have a blended family with six kids and one on the way.

Colts Neck Ron Iannacone ent

“We have kind of a ‘Brandy Bunch’ family,” Blumenthal laughed.

Two years ago, the family moved to a house on Downing Hill Lane and began their adventure into creating a little farm. With two Bernese mountain dogs already in tow, they first decided to open their home to two miniature horses.

Colts Neck Ron Iannacone ent nj

“The house is on six acres of land and originally had a beautiful, manicured backyard,” Blumenthal said. “We kept some of that and transformed the rest of the land into our own little farm. We even redid the shed to be a barn for the ponies.”

Last year, the family added chickens to the property.

“My husband really wanted chickens,” she said. “We got day-old chicks and began raising them in the basement, which, of course, the kids loved. Now they’re outside and laying eggs. We have eggs of every color.”

eggs Colts Neck Ron Iannacone ent nj farm

Blumenthal said she and her husband are “grateful” they settled in a town known for beautiful, expansive and functioning farms.

“We like the lifestyle of Colts Neck,” Blumenthal said. “It has a small-town feel, and it’s very neighborly. I think that’s rare to find now.” Our ten-year-old daughter rides at a beautiful barn in town and our little two-year-old is already getting on the ponies for little walks herself. In Colts Neck, we have really found not just a great spot to raise our animals, but a beautiful community to raise our kids.

ponies eggs Colts Neck Ron Iannacone ent nj farm

When the family first began caring for horses, one of them coliced, but knowledgeable neighbors came to the rescue. They came over at midnight and walked with our pony through the night to ensure she made it through the night.

This spring, having taken on the task of housing bees and harvesting their honey, the family turned to other local farmers for advice on how to build the best hives and care for the insects. Blumenthal also admits the farm may have met maximum capacity after these new, buzzing additions.

“We have just the right amount of animals,” she humorously admitted. “We’re suckers for anything that needs a home, but I don’t think we could handle any more.”

ponies eggs Colts Neck Ron Iannacone ent nj farm horses

With an already full plate at home, Iannacone leaves the farm each day to serve patients of Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Iannacone is a board-certified adult and pediatric otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon at New Jersey Sinus Center. His clinical work includes medical and surgical diagnosis and treatment of the sinuses. He is one of the only specialists in the area who performs in-office balloon sinuplasty, ensuring people with chronic sinus problems receive the treatment they need with little to no downtime.

“It takes the pressure off people who are afraid to go to the hospital or hesitant to undergo anesthesia,” Blumenthal said.

Iannacone attends seminars to continue his education and speaks with other sinus specialists about advancements in the field. He also trains doctors from around the country on sinus surgery.

“Most people think, ‘Oh, I just have sinus issues,’” Blumenthal said, noting that reluctant acceptance comes after being symptomatic for so long. “They don’t see a resolution to it. After they’ve had this procedure, they feel almost immediately better for years to come. They’re no longer on medication or suffering every day.”

And the reviews can attest.

In February, one of Iannacone’s many satisfied patients said they “have been with the doctor for eight to 10 years and have always been treated with timely appoints, great consideration and good diagnosis.”

They added, “We know, as a family, he will always be there for us.

The practice has been treating people throughout their lives and even now sees children of former and current patients.

“He has had patients for 10, 15, 20 years,” Blumenthal said. “He saw them when they were younger and now evaluates them for hearing aids. There’s a rarity in that – that he has maintained a solo practice for that long while most are bought out by bigger conglomerates.”

Iannacone is now looking to expand his Toms River location to accommodate the space needed to perform more in-office surgeries. But the family will remain right where they are.

“We love this town,” Blumenthal gushed. “We’re happy we settled here, and we plan to live out our lives here.”

Three things to know about the Iannacones:

1. They adopted goats but only kept them for about a month after realizing “they try to escape all the time.” Luckily, the woman from whom they got them was gracious enough to take the feisty animals back.

2. The couple’s 10-year-old daughter rides horses competitively and has been hands-on in learning how to care for them.

3. Dr. Iannacone received the NJ Top Doc award in 2016 for his medical excellence and patient satisfaction recorded through the years.