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Apr 07, 2017

Colts Neck Reformed Church Nursery School Hosts Family Science Night

By Tony Senk

One night last month, teachers, parents with children in the Colts Neck Reformed Church Nursery School, and, most of all, the students themselves learned that science can be lots of fun! It was all part of the nursery school’s fifth annual “Family Science Night,” which focused on animal science and included interactive science experiments, activities, and demonstrations emphasizing concepts in animal adaptation, life cycles, animal habitats, and much more.

On Family Science Night, over 100 children and their families explored the lives of various animals through hands-on scientific experiments. Participants explored the makeup and creation of owl pellets and tested how whale blubber helps whales survive frigid temperatures. The young scientists also completed many other animal-themed activities. For example, through an owl pellet dissection, the young learners experienced and identified many animal preys by collecting bones in the owl pellet.

“Members of our staff created over 10 hands-on experiences to help promote life science to our young students and their siblings,” said Stacey Savage, director of Early Childhood Ministries at the nursery school. “This year, we were happy to include “Insectropolis” and the New Jersey Science Consortium to help make our event even more fun and informative. “Insectropolis” is a fun and unique insect learning center that dazzles visitors of all ages. Members of their staff brought a variety of live arthropods, as well as pinned specimens, to help give our young scientists a better understanding of the structure, characteristics, and basic needs of organisms while investigating the diversity of life. This is our second year partnering with the New Jersey Marine Science Consortium. This year, on science night, they shared one of their resident horseshoe crabs with our students for fun learning experiences. Our nursery school students really look forward to our yearly trip to Sandy Hook, where members of the consortium facilitate hands-on seashore experiences that allow our students an opportunity to scan for sea creatures found on the bay side of Sandy Hook.”

Mrs. Savage continued, “Our nursery school is pleased to offer a wide range of fun and educational programs for children, families, and adults that stress the importance of environmental conservation and that foster an interest in the sciences through engaging, hands-on experiences. The nursery school invites all families to take advantage of these unique learning experiences. Watch for more of these fun family events as we continue to bring our school, church, and community together.”

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