Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Dec 05, 2017

Colts Neck Business Association News

The Colts Neck Business Association (CNBA) continues to support many local charities and other organizations in town, with monetary donations as a part of our community connectivity. This list includes the Colts Neck Lions Club, which is moving forward with its plans to build a play area for the blind, visually impaired, and multiple disabled at Dorbrook Park in Colts Neck.

Last month, the CNBA held its quarterly card exchange event, held at the new Robert DeFalco Realty office at the Orchards shopping plaza in Colts Neck. The event was very well attended and a big success. The CNBA currently has 209 active members.

The success of the CNBA Collectible Historic Mug program continues as local merchants make the much-desired mugs available to those who present the “coupon.” Keep an eye out for the next edition and possible sets of four mugs as a limited edition.

The CNBA is working with The Journal Publications to give advertising exposure about our businesses to other towns throughout the county. The program is subsidized by the CNBA and the ads have been successful, with increased interest and foot traffic.

The new CNBA Colts Neck Township map is now available throughout town at local merchants and institutions. Keep an eye out for the portable kiosk, which is rotated to various local establishments and is currently at United Counties Insurance on Route 34.

The annual CNBA holiday window painting was scheduled on Friday, December 1. Please work your way around town to see the wonderful artwork created by various teams at Colts Neck High School, with prize money going to the winners.

March 21, 2018 is the date for the annual CNBA luncheon, which will again be held at Trump National in Colts Neck. Stay tuned for details.

Each month, the CNBA invites guest speakers to educate and enlighten its members on important issues facing our businesses and our families. This month, Ted Friedli from Excel Travel spoke about the value to business people for “taking time off” and gave various valuable, clever, and moneysaving travel tips.


Colts Neck Business Association Board Elections

Last month was Election Day, not only for township voters but also for members of the Colts Neck Business Association, as they selected the board of officers for the coming year.  Huge thanks go to all of the outgoing officers, and best of luck to all of the new officers, for all that they’ve done and continue to do for the Colts Neck business community!

Colts Neck Business Association meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 8:00 a.m. in the Colts Neck Library, 126 Cedar Drive. Note: The December CNBA meeting will be held at Colts Neck Town Hall on December 13 and will consist of a brief meeting and the installation of the new board, followed by a holiday celebration. All are welcome to attend.


Photo caption: Newly elected CNBA board members, left to right: Vice president Sheila Olt, treasurer Oliver Guminski, corresponding secretary Nick Deckmejian, recording secretary Leanne Lucarelli, president Glen Dalakian, and vice president Dino Nicoletta