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Feb 01, 2017

Colts Neck Board of Education Reorganization

By Nicholas Deckmejian

The Colts Neck Board of Education held their reorganization meeting on January 4. Out of the 7,955 total registered voters, 5,822 ballots were cast in the school election. Jacquelyn Hoagland received 2,843 votes, Danielle Alpaugh received 2,575, and Marian Castner received 2,539 votes. All three were sworn in, with Marian Caster being the new member of the board. She will serve on the Buildings and Grounds Committee as well as the Communications Committee.

After the three members were sworn in, the board was open to nominate candidates for president. Heather Tormey nominated Dr. Kimberly Raymond, and without any further nominations, the board was able to vote unanimously in her favor to serve as board president. Dr. Raymond then opened up nominations for vice president. Jacquelyn Hoagland nominated Kathryn Gizzo, and with no other nominations, the board voted unanimously for Ms. Gizzo to serve as vice president. Margaret Hernadez was then approved unanimously as the board’s representative to the State and County School Boards Association.

After reading the Code of Ethics to which all board members must adhere, Dr. Raymond gave her president’s report, and first took the time to thank all of her board members for having faith in her and reelecting her for another term. “I have been very proud to serve as board president for the last two years and I look forward to some big things in the year ahead. I think we’ve accomplished some wonderful goals and set some really great goals going forward.” She then dedicated her report to give remarks on integrity and trust, saying that her actions not only reflect herself, but also the district and the community. She emphasized the importance that she and the board must do everything for the betterment of the district, and that they are all responsible to abide by their code of ethics; anything less would tarnish the respect of the individual and the community. She also added that she does “not look kindly upon comments that personally attack individuals sitting on this board or call into question my or their integrity.”