Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Jun 05, 2020

Clean Ocean Action’s Virtual Spring Student Summit

By Lori Draz

Amelia Supko

Each spring, Clean Ocean Action (COA) hosts its Spring Student Summit at Sandy Hook, part of Gateway National Park. It’s a fun and educational way for school age children to begin building loyalty to defending the oceans.

The event was held the week of May 11, but this year, in an effort to respond responsibly to the numerous COVID-19 restrictions in place, the program moved to the virtual world with 500 students from 25 different schools throughout northern and central New Jersey joining in the experience. Though the attendees couldn’t actually get sandy, they still enjoyed field demonstrations, presentations, and virtual field trips pre-recorded by the region’s notable and knowledgeable scientists, naturalists and education professionals.

The students learned about pollution, its sources and prevention, reviewed data from the Beach Sweeps and made new friends in the virtual classroom.

Astri Martin