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Glen J Dalakian Business Matters Colts Neck
Sep 13, 2018

Challenges with Solutions

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

Glen J Dalakian Business Matters Colts Neck

We all face problems (we call them “Challenges” in my circles), personal and professional. Some are by our own hand, but many may come from places we have little or no control over. No matter where they develop, they can become ours to handle.

The timing of these difficulties may vary, but few are emergent where immediate action is required. Today we will focus on day-to-day issues that need or deserve careful consideration and accurate resolution.

At my companies, if a challenge must come to my desk, we have instilled a simple philosophy in our people: “When you bring me a challenge, you need to bring along a suggested solution as well.” This simple strategy can have benefits in several areas and will contribute to the growth of those around you. Besides, anyone can identify problems; individuals with solutions are of greatest value to any organization.

By asking my team to present a Challenge with a Solution, I find that it can:

• Motivate “thinking” before reaching for help. In many cases, a person can solve their own issues.

• Provide another perspective on whatever the concern may be.

• Allow for discussion and perhaps an opportunity to train the employee in problem solving.

• Give your team the feeling that their thoughts are important and of interest.

Your people will learn that challenges are not to be feared, but thought through and resolved. Your people may even develop a knack for solving challenges, which is a valuable talent and one not found in many.

You may see an innovative solution presented that perhaps you have not considered. Even if I know the answer, letting a discussion ensue affords growth. Sometimes, if an employee has an answer that may not be as effective as mine (as long as it yields almost the desired end result), I‘ll let them go with it to see how things play out. This encourages and helps them develop their skills in this area.

By the way, one key to handling challenges is Do Not Procrastinate. Meet the issues head-on and in a timely fashion, but think through to solutions. Pondering resolutions can enhance their effect and yield greater results. We all want to clear hurdles quickly, but accuracy is often more important than timing. Face the issue swiftly, but deliver a solution that you have the most confidence in. Responding is much more effective than reacting (even in an emergency).

Perspective is also important. As I have explained in previous writings, seeing “problems” as “challenges” make things more interesting. Who wants to live life as a flat-line? It’s been said that “the struggles are what makes us great” and I agree. But developing the wisdom to better handle situations is what keeps us moving forward on our journey of success.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein