Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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Jan 11, 2021

Celebration Trends in the Age of COVID-19

By Emily Chang

2020 has been a difficult year filled with loss and isolation, and if there’s one thing that has gotten us through each hardship, it’s love. As we welcome the new year, there is truly no better way to celebrate than by spreading love and cherishing our loved ones. Families all over the world have come up with creative and innovative ideas to continue traditions of love, while also staying safe.


Wedding Ideas

The new year symbolizes hope and prosperity, especially in terms of relationships. As couples seek to tie the knot, many become disheartened with the seemingly never-ending threat of COVID-19. However, there are many alternative wedding ideas that can make your marriage even more memorable. Many couples have transformed canceled weddings into makeshift ones, with socially distanced seating, outdoor tailgates and car parades. Though this is far from traditional and may not seem ideal, you and your loved ones may find yourselves making even more enjoyable and unique memories. After all, getting married in the midst of a pandemic truly shows resilience, an incredibly important trait in any relationship.


Personalized Masks

Whether you plan to honor a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other celebration of love, masks are a necessity. Especially in the winter months when outdoor gatherings are difficult and uncomfortable, masks are the only solution for a limited, in-person gathering. However, who said masks had to be boring and unfashionable? Custom masks are available on many online sites, allowing you to personalize with specific colors and patterns, or even funny images and slogans. For instance, wedding masks that perfectly blend with one’s suit/dress can serve as a fashion statement, and “Mr.” and “Mrs.” masks can further symbolize an official marriage. Hilarious bachelorette masks are another unique way to celebrate, and even better, these make for great Instagram shots. Channel your creativity and create a custom mask that perfectly fits your event and your sense of humor.


Unique Invitations

Invitations are crucial for any event as you must assuage feelings of fear by explaining how events will occur in a safe and responsible manner. By abiding by the current social gathering regulations, you will create a safe environment for all your guests to enjoy. You can also make the event accessible online for those who can’t travel or don’t feel comfortable attending. For instance, livestream your celebration or post it on YouTube to allow those not in attendance to still be a part of this special moment. Furthermore, this invitation should not be boring! Like the masks, customize your invitation in a funny or unique way to fit the current climate and send a smile to each of your guests.


Useful Favors

Favors typically consist of snacks and small gifts for your party guests to take home. This year, you can stick to that theme while ensuring the favors are safe and useful. Anyone would be delighted to get individually wrapped candy or other treats, and many small businesses or online shops will allow you to create custom labels. Travel-sized hand sanitizer is another great option as well as masks in your wedding’s colors or with your event’s theme displayed. Face coverings that match the feel of the event but are generic enough will likely be used by your guests for months to come.


While times are certainly difficult, they are not impossible. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s resilience and creativity, and we will use these skills to create a happy and healthy new year. By continuing to spread love to those we hold dear, our lives will remain fulfilled throughout 2021 and beyond.