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Noises off CBA pegasus productions 2018
Sep 14, 2018

CBA Alumni Performs

By Les Pierce

Noises off CBA pegasus productions 2018

A scene from “Noises Off”

The Pegasus Production Company staged the play “Noises Off” at the Henderson Theater at Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) on July 27, 28 and 29.

The entire cast was comprised of CBA alumni, and for female roles, performers who had appeared previously in a Pegasus production. The production staff and crew were also primarily comprised of alum.

“Having so many former students come back and work on all aspects of the production was an amazing experience for all of us,” said Marcos Orozco, CBA Class of 2001, who directed the show.

“Noises Off” is a three-act comedy and presented as a play within a play, as an incompetent cast bungles their attempt to perform a show entitled “Nothing On”. The first act depicts the actors stumbling through the dress rehearsal, replete with multiple errors and subject to sarcastic criticisms by the director. The second and third acts fast forward to a pair of performances in which the production simply falls apart.

The Pegasus rendition started with a wildly humorous first act that was followed by hilarious second and third acts. Just before the second act, ushers passed out playbills for “Nothing On”. When the curtain opened, the crew emerged and spun the set around 180 degrees on rollers, which invoked spontaneous applause from the audience. The set reversal provided a view of the backstage area during a live performance of “Nothing On”.

By this time, relationships among the “Nothing On” cast had deteriorated, leading to behind-the-scenes emotional outbursts and physical clashes while the play was in progress. Engaged in fistfights, backstage actors missed their entrance cues or crashed through a door while making an entrance.

The set was flipped again for the third act of “Nothing On”. The level of calamity peaked here – and so did the humor, right up to the final line.

Pegasus Production Company’s performance was an uproarious romp from beginning to end, an entertaining treat. The seamless fast-paced production benefitted from an upbeat cast and creative set design.

Cast members of “Noises Off” were Amanda Marino as Dotty Otley, Peter Cusick as Lloyd Dallas, Tom Smith as Garry Lejeune, Meghan Hayes as Brooke Ashton, Katie Houston as Poppy Norton-Taylor, Peter Martino as Frederick Fellowes, Annalisa DeSeno as Belinda Blair, Kyle Hayes as Tim Allgood and Steve Koumoulis as Selsdon Mowbray.