Monday, July 6, 2020

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glen dalakian CSAV systems
Dec 06, 2018

Business Matters: Rising Stars Attract Attention

Glen J. Dalakian, Sr.

glen dalakian CSAV systems

As we move through the phases of our life, we refine our picture of success. We learn that it is more about the journey than a location where we one day arrive. Accolades may come (and go), but true accomplishment is in living with joy the life you have shaped with the blessings that God has given you.

No matter how far down the path you progress, each step serves to build the mosaic that will one day be the life picture that people view from a distance, and formulate their own opinions about your place of achievement.

Will every day be perfect? Of course not. For those who think there is some magic formula that – once found – all will be well, they are kidding themselves. It is a day-by-day process, and as we grow and learn, we see that achievement is more about what goes on inside than what others see on the outside.

The trappings of financial gain can be exciting, but the question becomes: Do we have things, or do they have us? Once we get that straight in our hearts and minds, life becomes more enjoyable.

To move forward, we need motivation, support and a clear set of goals. These will all take different forms as we progress toward what we hope will be a successful life for us, our family and friends. Your success resonates, and perhaps even those at a distance may derive some encouragement from what you accomplish.

As we have seen again and again, there are individuals who, according to public opinion, have reached some pinnacle of success. But then, shockingly, it all comes crumbling down due to deception, corruption or in some extreme cases (far too many), suicide. But this is another topic for another day.

We owe a “win” to the community and it benefits many to see people reaching new heights. There will be decenters or gossips that take pot-shots at your rising star. But many more people might be inspired and truly appreciate your breakthrough. Some of these will draw near and may present opportunities for even greater good. Some might throw stones or even present challenges just because your profile has become more visible.

But stay the course and drive on. Be diligent when people look in a dark way upon your accomplishments. Share the excitement and enthusiasm (and lots of “you can do it”) with those who celebrate what you have achieved. Above all, stay humble yet focused on the days ahead as you continue to enjoy and share, on the journey that you consider success.

Success has many benefits as well as challenges. Prepare for and expect both, and you will better handle the rewards as well as the struggles.

“The entrepreneurial life is one of challenge, work, dedication, perseverance, exhilaration, agony, accomplishment, failure, sacrifice, control, powerlessness … but ultimately, extraordinary satisfaction.” David S. Rose