Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Aug 10, 2021

Business Matters: Learning Opportunities

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

Recently I contacted a company I wished to do business with. I was asked if I’d like to attend an open forum breakfast with their CEO, which I did reluctantly. Now I was hesitant to go, but by no fault of the firm that offered; I merely thought about the time lost from my work and the schedule juggling I’d have to do in order to make the date provided.

As we sat in the large boardroom to hear the CEO’s thoughts, my mind at first went to, “How long do I need to sit in this room, and what is waiting for me to get done the moment I am freed from this?” And then a habit came over me – I picked up my pen, opened my notebook and began to listen and write. I must admit, initially this was a knee-jerk reaction, something I had done thousands of times before when sitting to hear someone in a meeting environment. But as I listened closely, my mind opened, and I started looking for nuggets of value in the words I was hearing. It came to me: I am here; why not make the time count?  y deciding to take advantage of the moment, it paid off.

Learning must never stop as revelation is something that needs to come often if you want to succeed in business. As I listened, I heard many familiar words of wisdom, which reinforced my thinking and confidence. I also caught a few new concepts that stimulated thought and led to ideas I could take back to the office. A change of attitude can often turn a scenario and bring benefits you did not expect.

I walked away with several golden nuggets that morning. One of them was to acknowledge people and give recognition whenever possible. As the CEO looked around the room, he asked every person sitting there to introduce themselves. I made note of several of the people I would have not otherwise engaged with, and afterward I was able to make several new business contacts. I was able to meet a few new people and perhaps even do business with the firm whose CEO impressed me along with some of the other attendees. You never know where opportunity will strike, so be ready for it at all times and in any place.

If there is a moral to this story, perhaps it’s to make the best of every situation or possibly listen and learn. Whatever you may gain here, one thing is for sure: wisdom is out there if you seek it. People who have achieved success usually have something of value to share, so be ready on all occasions, keeping an eye out for the opportunity to grow your mind and catch the “golden nuggets” that often can be found in the experiences of others.

“Chance favors only the prepared mind.” –Louis Pasteur