Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Feb 03, 2020

Brick Woman Among Victims Accosted by Fake Police Officer

The Brick Township Police Department has arrested a man for impersonating a police officer in Brick Township after two separate incidents were reported.

Kenneth Murphy, 56, of Brick, was arrested and charged with two counts of impersonating a police officer.

On Saturday evening, a young woman first reported that a man driving a dark silver pickup truck had activated his blue and red emergency lights, motioning for her to pull over. Murphy continued to follow her vehicle into the Wawa parking lot on Brick Boulevard. The young woman said the man had informed her that he was an off-duty police officer. The woman walked inside the Wawa store and explained to the staff what she had encountered. The suspect remained in the parking lot, appearing to speak on a two-way radio.

When the victim returned to the lot, the man threatened to “call for backup,” at which point the young woman told him she was calling 911. Murphy immediately returned to his truck and drove away, Sgt. Jim Kelly of the Brick Township Police Department said.

After the release of this information on social media, police learned there was a second incident involving the same man and truck. A male victim also reported that a man in a similar vehicle accosted him earlier in the day on Barberry Lane in Brick.

Information pertaining to both investigations led to the arrest of Murphy and the seizure of his vehicle.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Bob Shepherd at 732-262-1121.