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Apr 11, 2019

BREAKING: School Bus Catches Fire at Middletown High School North

School bus fire middletown high school north

On Thursday, April 11 at around 7:20 am, a school bus caught on fire in front of Middletown High School North.

The Helfrich & Son Inc. bus had just dropped off students in front of the building and as the bus was pulling away, a loud bang was heard and the bus caught fire.

More information can be found here.

Middletown High School north bus fire

The fire destroyed the Helfrich & Son Inc. bus

middletown high school north fire bus

Smoke could be seen bellowing from the bus from the back of the building.

All students and faculty had to evacuate the building and waited in the back field until the area was secured.

“We are all getting let back into the school through the back of the building. What a morning it has been,” said a student at the high school at 7:50 am.

Bus fire middletown high school north

The bus was engulfed in smoke as it sat in the front driveway of the school

No one was reported to be injured.

Middletown High School North sent out a phone blast notifying parents what occurred at the school. The voicemail stated, “This morning, there was a bus fire in the front driveway. All students are safe and accounted for and have re-entered the building. As a result of the incident, there is extremely high traffic volume in front of the school. No students will be marked late this morning.”