Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Nov 01, 2022

Boss Club Comes to Oak Hill Academy

Oak Hill Academy in Lincroft has just launched its new entrepreneur program in partnership with Boss Club USA. Seventh graders at the school are involved with a semester-long course, which is part of the Explorations program. Explorations is an innovative class created by Oak Hill where students research topics of interest, work collaboratively, solve real world problems, and present their findings. The Boss Club curriculum was originated as a college-level course at Baylor University’s nationally ranked entrepreneurship program; however, the founder of the program decided to bring entrepreneurial education to a younger audience. The middle school course is designed to bring cross-curricular, project-based learning to practically instill the fundamentals of work ethic, financial stewardship, people skills and creativity.  Additionally, it sets up a mindset that can be applied to any pursuit in life by being able to tangibly see how one can simplify a seemingly complex pursuit into easily manageable pieces and build confidence through daily progress toward a goal. The program’s learning objectives include the following:

1. Understand what it means to be an entrepreneur with inspiring stories of success.

2. Learn the basic process for selecting, designing and starting a business. Choosing an idea, creativity and vetting are emphasized.

3. Conduct pricing methodology, market research and margin analysis.

4. Formulate an actionable marketing plan for the business.

5. Develop tracking for customers, sales and expenses of business.

6. Understand basic tax and legal implications of the business and know where to seek more guidance.

7. Understand the roles of stewardship and citizenship in sustained value and success.

Additional features of the program include confidence on camera and elsewhere, creating a presentation, regular and digital marketing, and the importance of giving back. 

Oak Hill teachers have experienced professional development training and are fully supported by Boss Club International. Teachers will also lead classroom discussions designed to broaden the students’ higher-level thinking as they explore solutions to today’s and future real-life issues.

According to the Oak Hill Academy Head of School Joseph Pacelli, the Oak Hill community is excited to bring such a practical experience to its students while putting their other taught academic skills to work, such as researching, communicating, collaborating and using critical thinking. “This type of real life learning only strengthens all of the students’ cognitive skills,” Pacelli said.

The school feels that this course is a great way for its students to acquire a long-lasting education in a practical setting.