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May 01, 2017

Annual SciVention Convention at Point Road School

By Gena Ansell-Lande

Point Road students in grades K through four had a chance to show off their creative experiments, inventions, and investigations in January at the school’s annual SciVention Convention. On the morning of January 26, 200 students came to school toting trifold boards, boxes of supplies, and materials to present to their fellow students, judges, and, of course, family members.

The convention has been an annual event at Point Road School for the past six years. Projects are completed on their own outside of school and students look forward to demonstrating what they learned. Whether it’s an experiment to conduct or an invention to display, students use the Scientific Method or Engineering Design process to help guide their presentations.

Excitement was in the air as the children entered the school’s main gymnasium or multi-purpose room, depending on their grade level. While the displays were set up, parents walked around, lending support when necessary. Then it was time for the best part: a chance to observe what their friends had brought in and start sharing what they learned. A total of 114 projects were on display this year.

Throughout the afternoon, presenters returned to their displays and each grade level visited the exhibits to learn about what their peers have discovered, and maybe pick up some ideas to use the following year. When the school day was complete, students from Red Bank Regional High School came to listen to the students’ presentations and grade them using a rubric scoring system. This year, there were over 30 high school students that participated and donated their time.

At the end of the day, the older students were clearly amazed at what their younger peers had to share. The day was a learning experience for all those involved.