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Jan 06, 2020

Business Matters: A Happy New Year Starts with You

By Glen J. Dalakian Sr.

Glen Dalakian CSAV Business Matters Colts Neck

Will it be a happy new year for you and your business? Well ready or not, here we go! Have you looked back at 2019 and wondered, “Where did it all go?” Have you reviewed the results and seen how close you came or hopefully, in some cases, how many goals you exceeded? Have you gotten out of the year-end history all you can to plan for the new year ahead? If so, then time to move on. Business wisdom dictates we look back to see where we have come from, but only a quick glance will do. Don’t dwell; just look, learn and plan forward.

Yesterday is gone, but today his here and what you do now will determine your future. So, a year from now, what would you like to look back on? What you will achieve is primarily in the hands of one person: you. Yes, the journey of life is filled with twists and turns, and we must handle the expected and the unexpected, but attitude will be the driving factor in what we accomplish.

Your approach to this next year can bring you joy or heartache, but the future always looks brighter when you have your mind pointed in the right direction. Goal setting is touted by mentors or trainers, but how many of us actually make the time to think through and write down our goals? Not just a pithy “I want to be rich,” but truly thought-out, experience-driven, path-finding goals that will bring you closer to the desired end results. Real written goals will impact your business more than you know. Encourage those around you to set goals and share them with their leaders, and it will amaze you what a team can accomplish at work, home, school, church, etc.

Equally important in this new year will be to take action. Talk is cheap, and there is plenty of it going around. But true winners get going. They get up again and again even when they are exhausted. They read, spend time with other winners and chase wisdom to gain the required confidence and direction. They lead by example and help people around them achieve, which in turn helps them reach their own desires. But most important is to keep moving forward, as action is what gets things done.

Make 2020 your best year yet! For the most part, it’s in your hands. Challenges will arise (that’s called life and it happens to all of us), but how you handle your circumstances is what matters most. Stay focused, be positive and encourage everyone around you to do the same. This will help you build and maintain the momentum required to succeed in this new year and for years to come.


“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” – Wade Boggs