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Apr 06, 2017

77 Holmdel Students Inducted into National Honor Society

National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. “More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character,” known as the four “pillars,” according to the national organization’s website. Current officers described each of these in very personal speeches delivered during the induction ceremony recently held at Holmdel High School. Juniors and seniors who have accumulated a grade point average of 3.66 or higher are eligible to be nominated for membership in NHS. Nominees must also demonstrate that they have completed 200 hours of service since the start of their ninth grade year and pass an extensive vetting process focused on the pillars of leadership and character.

The Holmdel High School Chapter, which was named long ago and continues to memorialize a beloved former Holmdel educator, Helen Ackerson, held its annual induction ceremony on February 23. Seventy-seven new members were presented by NHS President Kevin Healy, who led them in the NHS Pledge as part of the evening’s proceedings.

In keeping with the spirit of the organization’s namesake, the Holmdel tradition of each inductee honoring a teacher or school staff member who has mentored them was continued this year. Thirty-two teachers (including teachers from the district’s elementary and middle schools) were honored by the inductees during the ceremony.  In describing this tradition, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert McGarry said, “We often overlook the importance of positive student-teacher relationships. This wonderful Holmdel tradition speaks volumes to the significant role that our teachers play in the lives of our students.”

The 2017 inductees include: Connor Aldredge, Cole Allocca, Christina Antonakakis, Luke Bartow, Zachary Bartow, Jessica Birk, Justin Bodycomb, Rachel Brady, Benjamin Brudner, Matthew Burke, Catherine Buzzerio, Elizabeth Cai, Eric Celenti, Paige Chan, Lujia Chen, Allison Chow, Gabrielle Cipriano, Andrew Cornelio, Megan Cushing, Brian DeSousa, Erin Erakin, Sana Faysal, Abbey Flynn, Kailey Flynn, Catherine Geller, Michael Giordano, Erin Gross, Julia Hamwi, Samuel Henkin, Angela Hong, Carla Kandalaft, Brendan Kaston, Taiba Khan, Jessica Kuleshov, Ariana LaRosa, Nathan Lawrence, Mikaela Lee, James Liao, Luke Li, Cosette Lim, Michael Ling, Angelia Lobifaro, Gina Louie, Sophia Lovoulos, Juliana Magriples, Haadi Marashi, Megan McEvoy, Colin McMaster, Anna Milstein, Emily Nesson, Jocelyn Panchal, Sayon Park, Srithanay Parvataneni, Andy Poon, Nicholas Porfido, Daniel Rafla, Kathryn Rebele, Tommie Reerink, Audrey Rodriguez, Isabel Russo, Dev Shah, Hamzah Shaikh, Christine Shelton, Wesley Swan, Cynthia Syren, William Thompson, Wallis Toscarelli, Alexandra Vervoordt, Joyce Wang, Tiffany Wang, Lucas Werner, Alexandra Wojciak, Katherine Wolff, Erica Wu, Andy Yang, Emily Yasharpour, and Ashley Yu.