Tuesday, October 22, 2019

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Oct 03, 2019

7 Dead after Wings of Freedom Plane Crashes

Seven people are dead after a B-17 bomber, a World War II-era aircraft, crashed while trying to land at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut, officials confirmed Wednesday.

The plane was part of an exhibit which passes through Monmouth County each year.

Thirteen people were on board the plane when it crashed into a de-icing facility at the end of a runway, authorities said.

According to audio released following the crash, shortly after takeoff, the pilot told air traffic control, “N93012 would like to return to the field.”

The controller then asked, “What is the reason for coming back?”

A pilot responded, “You got No. 4 engine. We’d like to return and blow it out.”

Nearby aircraft were instructed to clear the area as the B-17 attempted to land. Jennifer Homendy, of the National Transportation Safety Board, said the plane hit the instrument landing system posts and veered to the right, CNN reported. The B-17 crashed, resulting in the deaths of seven people aboard and the injury of one outside the aircraft. Six other passengers survived.

From Aug. 21 to 25, the B-17 and other WWII vintage planes of The Wings of Freedom Tour touched down at Monmouth Executive Airport on Route 34 in Wall. The event is presented annually by The Collings Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational foundation devoted to organizing “living history” events honor the nation’s brave WWII veterans and allowing people to learn more about their heritage and history through direct participation. This summer, visitors explored the aircraft inside and out, while many took the chance to ride in one.